Does it matters which Law School one Attends for securing Jobs?

The biggest question for a student before selecting a law school is whether the choice of law school for studies can affect his chances of getting a better job or a better career later. The biggest decision for having a successful legal career is the right selection of the law school

you attend.

If in the tenure of your law school you are able to add achievements including research paper presentations, publications, mooting, internships at courts and law firms then your achievements will be placed above your choice of law school you attend.

Lawyers like to follow precedents and they care about the fact that form, where did the successful legal professionals, received their education, attending a prestigious law school can open many doors which otherwise can remain shut. But on the counter, it can be said that there are many successful legal professionals who did not attend any fancy or prestigious law school.

Many suggest that pass outs of less fancy law schools perform better in law firms because of their tendency to work harder in their student days for securing good Internships and better placements. It cannot be undermined that as a student of less prestigious law school one always has a feeling that their CVs are rejected for Internships and placements when a student of prestigious law school is also into consideration and this notion perhaps exist in almost every industry.

The biggest factor while selecting a law school for most of the students is the location of the law school. Not all the students have the cushion of having a top law school in the vicinity of their residence. Most of the students want to select a good law school in their desired location. Some students want to select a law school close to their residence while others wanting to join LPOs and Corporate Law firms select metro cities as their ideal location for studying in the law school which has its own perks to offer like developing networks with the legal community of that place, helping in to secure better internships and thereby making it easy for them to become a part of that legal community.

Ideally, a student who has prefixed intention of practising in a particular court should also select a law school in the vicinity of that court because by doing so he or she can have easy access to courts and establish network in his or her early days of student life and help them to boost their career at an early stage.

Employers while hiring also consider the factor of the residence of the candidates and tend to select employees who have local knowledge of that place. As giving an interview after traveling 500km is quite tough when compared to giving an interview near your law college. So, having Local knowledge of the laws of the place where you want to make your career and the fact that you have had your education from the same place can help you perform better in judicial exams and bar exams.

Law School is the place where your career starts and is the primary source of developing networks for a successful Legal career ahead. Professors, classmates and alumni are the best sources for networking and securing better opportunities in the future.

A good alumni network is a big factor for selecting a particular law school. A conversation with the alumni of an Institution can be a big helping hand in the proper selection of a law school as they are aware of the integrities of the institution. A law school which offers a lot of opportunities is a better option in today’s era of competency no one can be static about a particular legal career option.

The policies of the law school towards funding research projects and moot participation can also be a contributing factor in making the choice of the law school you want to go for. Because all these skills are necessary for securing a better job later.

At last it can be said that a Prestigious Law school can give you the ideal or kick start to your legal career. So, if you are planning to study law and make a future out of it, plan well in time and work hard to become a part of any top law school because it can make your legal career really easy and give a smooth start to it. If in case you are not able to attend top law school, then PLAN B of working hard and securing achievements: including research paper presentations, publications, mooting, internships at courts and law firms should be focused.

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