A New Legal Field with Exciting Opportunities: Fashion Law

Updated: May 9, 2020

All of us are aware that law is dynamic in nature i.e, it keeps on changing with trends of the society. And what is more dynamic then Fashion? So there is a emerging field of law coming up known as Fashion law or apparel law which covers issues surrounding the life of garment, from its creation to its brand protection. This article will help you in creating a overview of fashion law in your mind and inform you about the skills and qualifications required to grab the opportunities provided by Fashion Law.

Fashion attorneys perform a range of tasks such as advising clients on Legal issues regarding fashion, apparel, textile, luxury items, footwear, jewellery and cosmetic industries. It also includes a range of services like merchandising, franchising, licensing and distribution agreements related to fashion industries. Fashion law includes all the necessary services for starting new fashion houses and provide legal advice to already existing entities in matters related to employment and labour issues, making Fashion law a very broad area to practice in.

In a very similar way as other sector of Industries fashion law also covers matters of sustainability, safety and various aspects of corporate, real estate, tax and business law related to transactions of Fashion Industry.

Roles to be performed by Fashion Law Professionals

A fashion lawyer needs to perform a broad range of services like drafting and negotiating contracts, trademark related litigation and licenses, copyright and other intellectual property related issues. It also covers forming and dissolving of business entities related to Fashion, advising on branding development matters. One of the major tasks in practicing Fashion law is looking into export and import matters of related to Fashion Industry, like making necessary arrangements for securing Import and Export licenses.

Fashion law covers a wide range of clients like designers, fashion houses, distributors, manufacturer’s, modeling agencies and photographer’s.

Necessary Qualifications for being a Fashion Lawyer

There are very far and few fashion law institutes in India. a few top NLUs like NALSAR Hyderabad provide Diploma courses to LLM students for providing the opportunity to study fashion related legal issues. There are specialty courses on fashion law like Fashion law and Finance, Fashion Ethics, Fashion Retail Law. There are various public seminars for legal professionals as well as many summer courses that’s open to both degree and non-degree students. Law institutes are coming up with new courses in fashion law at a very rapid rate.

Reasons behind Rapid Growth of Fashion Law

Fashion law is an emerging area of law which is in its initial era of being recognized as a distinct practice area. Internet era has also brought before fashion professionals new issues like piracy which require legal advice and protection. Legal advice is required by Fashion houses to keep the smooth functioning of their Organizations on track.

Fashion Industries includes a lot of IPR matters, so for the protection of IPRs fashion law is required. Fashion law also includes a lot of Competition law matters and which can only be dealt by legal experts and with the growth of Fashion industry fashion law is also growing.

Opportunities in Fashion Law

Fashion law now has been established as a separate branch of specialty, but still only a few law firms specialize in this area.

Taking courses in fashion law, intellectual property, business and finance, international trade, government regulation, and consumer culture can provide a foundation that may boost your chances of employment in this specialty. Volunteering to assist in providing pro bono legal services to the fashion community is another way to gain contacts and related experience. Alternatively, you can intern with a law firm that specializes in fashion law or works with fashion clients. Networking, getting to know the players in the fashion law area – it’s a small circle – and finding a mentor can also help you break into the field of fashion law.

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